Supreme Fibafirst food for rabbits

A new world for Small Animals

Breaking the mould

Fibafirst® Monoforage® is a new generation of rabbit food, developed alongside veterinary experts to meet not only the nutritional needs, but also the environmental enrichment needs of your pets.

With its unique appearance and texture it looks, feels and smells natural to your pets and caters for their innate feeding behavior, as it’s much closer to the diet of an animal in the wild.

Nutritional Evolution

FibaFirst combines LONG CHAIN FIBRE with essential vitamins and minerals to create a unique monoforage® diet that caters for natural feeding behaviour of rabbits.

FibaFirst is not just a new pet food, it is a NEW concept in feeding, full of top quality ingredients and made in a simple and uncomplicated way.

  • Nutritionally balanced & complete
  • Exceptionally high fibre content – up to 30%
  • Unique long chain fibre structure – promotes chewing, dental wear and emotional enrichment
  • Highly palatable

Closer to nature

In the wild, rabbits forage for grass and other plants. Grass alone has a fibre content of 20-25%.

Fibafirst®  Monoforage® has been formulated by Supreme Petfoods to provide very much higher levels of fibre – up to 30% – that are much closer to the natural grass-based diet of a wild rabbit.

The longer fibres in Fibafirst need to be actively chewed, promoting both dental health and extending feeding time.

For Rabbits

Using only the very finest ingredients, Fibafirst® is a high fibre diet that satisfies the natural nutritional and physiological needs of your rabbits. It is vital that rabbits are able to forage and chew to satisfy their natural feeding behaviour.

With longer fibre particles and a larger portion size, Fibafirst® extends your rabbits’ feeding time, promoting dental and digestive health, as well as enhancing emotional enrichment.

Ingredients: Timothy hay, alfalfa stalks, wheat meal, soybean meal, ground peas, locust bean meal, alfalfa protein extract, flaked oats, linseed, soya oil, Vitamin A 15000 IU, vitamin D3 1500 IU, vitamin E 60mg.