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Small pet parents are passionate about our products and they’re not afraid to share their stories – read what some of our loyal customers say they like most about our products.

“To find a company who’s products you can trust is fantastic”

Your Science Selective Pellets in all ranges are excellent quality as are all your items, also the different bag sizes are so helpful, not to mention the health benefits using these products.

Testimonial by Laura Adams, from Facebook

“Fantastic food, loved by all my animals”

I have had guineas, hams and a rabbit and they all love the food. Shame it’s a little expensive so I have to 1/2 it with some cheaper food, but definitely one of the best out there. Pic of one of the hams, Bolt.

Testimonial by George Molsom, from Facebook

“We ADORE your products”

It’s by far the best brand for chinchilla food you can get in Europe. It got all the things this special creatures need. Also after a long search for the best timothy hay, I bought the small bags with science selective Timothy Hay and it’s soooo good. Large pieces and very fresh! Thanks for your great products. My chins Kobe and Flynn wont eat anything else anymore haha ????????

Testimonial by @fluffy.chinnnies, from Instagram

“My bunnies all love Selective Petfood!”

They get excited as soon as they hear the bag open. We also use it our local shelter to help bunnies on a special diet.

Testimonial by Michelle Zeman, from Facebook

“We love your products”

My bunnies and guinea pigs get the science selective food occasionally as a treat and they love it. We also buy it whenever we have an underweight rescue bunny come in as we find it helps them gain some weight. We also give them fiba first sticks on a regular basis and they LOVE THEM and even better that they’re healthy treats!

Testimonial by @cherryblossomlopsrabbitry, from Instagram

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