Supreme Science Selective small animal food & hay

Selective is the widest range of veterinary recommended species-specific foods formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small furry pets.

Vets believe that high fibre is the most important factor when recommending a rabbit food. Selective Rabbit is the highest fibre extruded food available with 25% fibre, so you can be sure that you are providing your rabbits with a diet that will keep them in the very best of health, naturally.

Our Selective recipes are formulated with zero added sugar. Added sugars can damage teeth and lead to digestive upsets and cause damage to the skin, so watch out for hidden added sugars such as molasses, syrup, glucose and sucrose in other pet foods.

Our recipes are made with fixed formulas to give pets the same high quality food every time, to help keep tummies contented. Our recipes will never change simply in response to ingredient prices.


Science Selective Rabbit

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