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Science Selective is the widest range of veterinary recommended species-specific foods formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small pets. Our foods are rich in natural ingredients and naturally delicious with no added sugars. Irresistibly tasty, small pets just love the unique crunchy texture of Science Selective. Our range of food for small herbivores – that’s rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus – are carefully blended with a balance of short and long fibres, as well as natural prebiotics to help optimise digestive health. Science Selective also offers pets a bigger portion size per calorie compared to other foods to help maintain weight and promote active chewing for healthy teeth. Every recipe is specifically formulated to meet your pet’s exact nutritional needs and features fortified and stabilised vitamins and minerals that are easier for pets to digest.

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Our recipes are made with fixed formulas to give pets the same high quality food every time, to help keep tummies contented. Our recipes will never change simply in response to ingredient prices.

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Our Supreme Selective Veterinary Range

Supreme has worked closely with leading professionals to bring you Recovery, RecoveryPlus and VetCarePlus: nutritionally targeted diets to help combat commonly presented health problems in rabbits and guinea pigs.

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