Selective Timothy Hay


Selective Timothy Hay


When it comes to deciding what to feed rabbits, hay is an absolute essential. Rabbits need hay every day to provide them with enough fibre.


Why do rabbits need hay?

By feeding hay you will help to keep your rabbit’s digestive system working properly and their teeth in great shape – rabbits have to chew to keep their constantly growing teeth healthy and even.

If you are wondering how much hay a rabbit needs or how often you should feed your rabbit hay, the answer is to make sure that hay is always provided in unlimited amounts. As a guide, a rabbit will usually eat a ball of hay equivalent to his or her own body size (volume not weight!) per day.


Why timothy hay is good for rabbits?

Selective Timothy Hay comes from the first cut of the year, fresh from the fields. It’s harvested from carefully chosen Timothy grass that produces the largest, tastiest seed heads and is one of the best hays to feed rabbits.

As it tastes great, our Timothy hay helps encourage your rabbit or guinea pig to forage through the stems and leaves and have a good chew or even play. As that’s a way for them to express their natural behaviour, it also helps to keep them happy too.


Rabbit nutrition and hay?

Packed full of natural goodness, Selective Timothy Hay is high in fibre, containing around 25-30%. Hay also has a low energy density, meaning it is low in calories compared to its volume, so you can feed plenty and not worry about your pet putting on too much weight – in fact hay helps make sure that they stay in tip top health and body condition. Our Timothy hay is also naturally low in calcium so your rabbit can enjoy as much of it as they like.


What if my rabbit won’t eat hay?

Hay is a very important part of a small animal’s diet, and sometimes encouraging them to consume sufficient amounts of hay is quite challenging. That’s why we have carefully selected only the best and most tasty timothy hay, which we are confident your pet will love.

Our finest quality, veterinary recommended hay Selective Timothy hay is grown and harvested in optimum climate conditions, making it a hay that rabbits love to eat.


How to store hay for rabbits?

Selective Timothy Hay 400g packs are delicately hand packed, whilst the 2kg pack is compressed to offer even better value. Store your hay in a cool dry place and keep it covered to avoid contamination by wild rodents. Buying small packs regularly ensures the hay you feed is fresh, nutritious and delicious.


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