Why Selective Pet Food?

Selective Adult Rabbit FFL

The range of Selective rabbit and guinea pig food is ideal for meeting your pets’ nutritional needs and is recommended by vets to provide a healthy, balanced diet. At Supreme Petfoods, we understand the importance of keeping your small friends happy and healthy with tasty meals that they’ll love each time. Rich in natural ingredients and a range of different types of food, we have a variety of high quality foods. If you would like to any of our products in the range, download your coupon to save £1 on your purchase.

Why Choose Supreme Petfoods?

At Supreme Petfoods, we are committed to including only the finest natural ingredients in our pet food. Nutritional, balanced and extremely tasty, your small pets won’t be able to get enough of the high quality food you provide them. Thorough research of pet requirements and working closely with vets and food specialists who are dedicated to small animal welfare means that we only work and provide to the highest of standards – you can guarantee that any food product you buy from us is of the best quality.

Have a question?

We understand that you may not know quite what it is your rabbit or guinea pig needs to help with their nutrition and diet to ensure happiness and good health. That’s why our experts are on hand to answer any queries you may have or to help you place your order with us. Print your coupon to buy our range of Selective and Guinea Pig food.