Valentine’s on Tiny Friends Farm

As you may remember Harry Hamster has been trying to catch Hazel Hamster’s eye for some time now.  We are pleased to say that those two sand baths before the Christmas Eve performance really showed Hazel how much Harry sparkled!

Since Christmas Eve Harry and Hazel’s love has really blossomed, she had realised just how much of a catch Harry was. She had previously thought that he was just like all the other boars out there that would constantly be looking out for the next sow that fluttered her eyelashes. But not our Harry, he is a true gentleman that wanted to show Hazel what she was worth. These two little sweethearts have been inseparable since the Christmas performance. After his string of advances, Harry’s breath taking performance made Hazel fall hook, line and sinker for Harry. She felt like she could see into his soul and see what a beautiful hamster he was inside and out.

The countdown to New Year’s Eve was on and Harry knew that this was the right time to pop the questions to Hazel. Now he had got her he knew he was never going to let her go. He made a delicious meal of her favourite treats, which are of course Hazel Hamster Lovelies, and scattered red rose petals all over the barn. Once the candles were lit he knew that he had the perfect setting and now all he needed was the right moment to pop the big question.

It was now or never, his stage was set and the moment was nigh. He gazed at the gorgeous Hazel across the table; he loved how she stored the Lovelies within her pouches, all boars love a sow with a big appetite. The candle light danced across Hazel’s face and she looked up and blushed when she caught Harry staring. This was it, the perfect moment. Harry stood up from the table, moved his umbrella, cleared his throat and got down on one knee. Hazel’s cheeks flushed pink and she took a deep breath.

“Hazel, ever since the first day I saw you I knew you were special” expressed Harry. “I had never seen something so beautiful until the day you walked in to Tiny Friends Farm. Now that I have you I could never imagine life without you. I know you will think I am crazy and that this is possibly far too soon but Hazel Hamster will you do me biggest honour and become my wife?”

Hazel’s mouth gaped open with all of her nibbled Lovelies tumbling out. She could not believe what was happening. The room went silent and Harry had started to get extremely nervous due to the long pause. He had started to regret his decision; maybe it was too soon! What if she didn’t feel the same way? Thoughts of doubt were flooding in and all Hazel could do was to stare at Harry with her mouth open.

The seconds seemed to pass like hours and Harry was still down on one knee. Hazel suddenly awoke from her shocked state and furiously shook her head to ensure that she wasn’t dreaming. She looked down at the table and was mortified at the amount of half chewed Lovelies that had cascaded across the table. She looked back up at Harry and her face beamed with a smile. A smile that made Harry’s heart melt.

“Of course I will marry you” Hazel shrieked as she flung her paws around Harry whilst planting him with the biggest kiss. Hazel could not believe her luck the boar of her dreams had asked her to marry him. She was the luckiest sow in the world!

The feeling of relief flooded through Harry’s body and he felt like he could breathe again. He finally had everything he wanted and he could not wait to share the rest of his life with Hazel. It had taken him a little while to get her attention but he always knew that it would be worth the wait. All of their Tiny Friends Farm buddies were waiting in the wings. The streamers were popped and the balloons let loose.

“Let the engagement party commence” shouted Russel and they all partied into the night to celebrate the happy couple. It was official, the first Tiny Friends Farm wedding was about to happen!

The weeks passed and the whole gang had been frantic in making wedding plans. Harry and Hazel had decided that it would be ever so romantic and memorable to get married on Valentine’s Day but of course this did not give very much time to plan! All hands were on deck to ensure that Harry and Hazel’s day was perfect. Gerri, Gerty and Mimi had ensured that the run up to the wedding was as stress free as possible for Hazel so she only had to focus on herself and making sure she was looking her best for her big day. The sand baths were under way and Hazel was becoming even more radiant.

Valentine’s was here and the big day was about to start. Feelings of nerves and excitement filled the barn. The stage was once again set and the whole gang was waiting for Hazel to arrive. Harry nervously waited at the altar. This was the happiest day of his life but could not stop those little unwanted thoughts popping into to his head – what if Hazel didn’t turn up? Russel could see poor Harry fidgeting nervously and put his paw on his shoulder to reassure him that everything was going to be OK. Harry always knew that he could rely on Russel to be there for him, he was one of the best friends a little hamster could have!

The barn door creaked open and in walked Gerty, she gave Harry a paws up, bringing him a sigh of relief. Hazel was here and this was really happening – he was about to spend the rest of his life with the love of his life. Hazel came through the door looking more beautiful than ever. Her sand bathing had left her coat gleaming and the guests gasped at her beauty as Hazel walked down the aisle with a heavenly glow.

“You look beautiful” Harry whispered. Hazel gave a cheeky wink and they turned to face the altar. The ceremony was beautiful and of course it brought Gerri, Gerty and Mimi to tears, even some of the boys were welling up! Harry and Hazel said their ‘I do’s’ and sealed the deal with a kiss but this was not the end. Harry had a little surprise up his sleeve for Hazel that Russel, Reggie and Charlie had helped him put together. He had written a song to show Hazel just how much she meant to him. Russel counted them in and Harry sweetly started to serenade his new bride….

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