Where Are Tiny Friends Farm Treats Made?

treats-bakeryWhen pampering your small pets with a scrumptious Tiny Friends Farm treat, do you ever wonder what went into making them? You may or may not know this, but Supreme’s Tiny Friends Farm treats and are created in Suffolk, England! Surrounded by farms, small town charm and local wildlife, Suffolk is the perfect place for Tiny Friends Farm to come to life. So, what does that look like exactly?

To  start off the process, we source many of our ingredients from local suppliers. These ingredients are blended to our secret recipes and prepared for the baking process. Our recipes are baked for a set amount of time that is based on the type of treat being created. Once our tasty treats have carefully cooled down, they are packed and ready to go to you, the pet parents to give to your pets.

Basically, our bakery has a very similar process to any other bakery (except that we make treats for pets). We source the ingredients, blend them together, bake them in the oven, cool, pack and deliver. Test it out: Offer one to Mr. Squeaks and you’ll soon see how much he loves them!

Just think, we are baking these treats for you every day to make your pets happy! That is why we love doing what we do, to put a smile on your pets faces (metaphorically of course, since most small pets can’t actually smile).

Want more information about our Tiny Friends Farm treats? We don’t blame you! Click this link to see the different varieties we have to offer.

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