Lessons We Can All Learn About Responsible Rabbit Ownership

Dear Fellow Rabbit lovers,

On February 1st, 2016, we posted a tweet that may have struck a negative chord with many of our followers and those dedicated to the health and well-being of small animals. We would like to take a chance to sincerely apologise for this mistake and explain our backstory to help you understand why we would have posted this.

Of course, pet rabbits are expensive. Some are more expensive than others, but all definitely require a financial commitment, as do all pets. This is something we were previously aware of, but may have accidentally generalised that rabbits fall into some sort of “cheap small animal” pet category, which as we all know is a complete misconception. Of course, the costs of a good-sized hutch, a run with plenty of room and specialist vet care can all contribute to the costs of owning pet rabbits and are perhaps costs that are not normally associated with owning dogs and cats. At the time of the tweet, we were assuming the basic costs of food, bedding, and daily care of pet rabbits without really referring to the bigger picture of additional and essential, extra costs that perhaps aren’t considered, but always should be.

Our marketing team currently consists of three people, all of whom are obsessed with animals and their welfare. Ashley is the loving owner of two cats and the former owner of a rabbit named Honey Bunny. Claire has a housecat named Lola who loves to play and jump in boxes, regularly offers her human mum gifts of toys in bed and enjoys the loving care that is always provided. Rob is a new father of two young children who does a great job balancing work and family life (with plenty of caffeinated drinks, of course). One of our colleagues has also owned a rabbit that cost them around £2,000 in vet bills following an inner ear infection (who is making a great recovery at the time of this writing and coping well with his resulting head tilt).

As you can see, our team, like you, is also very passionate about the welfare of animals and we would never want to see any pet adopted without the owner fully realizing the costs and the demand involved in the proper care of any pet. We are dedicated to help educate people to become responsible pet owners and we are sincerely sorry for any message that came across that may have contradicted this goal.

Thanks to fellow animal lovers such as yourselves, we can only take this mistake and use it as a positive reinforcement for both ourselves and other pet owners to be responsible. Thank you for keeping us on our toes, and we are glad to engage in any future healthy debate of the care of small animals. We hope to work together with all of you to create a team of educators. In this way, we hope to make everyone experts in small pets.