Supreme Selective Voted #1!

Back row (left to right): Nick Thomas, David Soanes. Front row (left to right): Chesney Webb, Danielle Southgate, Claire Hamblion, Monika Grzelak, Debbie Kibble, Sophie Lupton, Chris Childs, Faye Reynolds.


Supreme has been voted as the #1 small pet brand with its Science Selective range. Last year saw it win four major awards and this year the company was voted #1 by retailers in the prestigious Pet Product Marketing (PPM) Retailer Recommended Awards with the Small Animal Product of the Year and Product Innovation of the Year – an award that extended across all pet product categories and all pets! And it could all be due to millennials who are increasingly appreciative of small furry animals.

Small pets are said to be increasing popular with millennials who lack the space, money, or time that might need to be committed to a cat or dog. Small pets also tend to be more portable – some owners will even bring their hamsters in travel carriers with them to visit friends and family. On social media, videos of the antics of small pets, especially at feeding time, have proven to be a real hit and increase the appeal of small furry pets.

The company’s winning Selective range is known and appreciated for its ‘clean eating’ credentials with high fibre rabbit food and no added sugar. There is even a grain-free rabbit food product for rabbit owners to choose. Marketing Manager, Claire Hamblion says these days rabbit owners see their pets more as valued companions rather than children’s pets and lavish high levels of care. They also want to apply their own values and have their pets benefit from some of the things they care about too. Some rabbits live in the house with their owners all year round, with access to custom made runs that allow them to stretch and run outdoors to keep them fit and active.

She says discerning pet owners are looking for something special and its nutritional experts are happy to oblige with special foods available for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, degus and more. The company’s products are stocked in veterinary practices and pet shops both in the UK, Europe and the US.

Winning the innovation category against popular products for cats and dogs is a real reflection of how far small pets have risen in the nation’s esteem. The Selective Naturals treats range – winner in the innovation category is suitable for all herbivores, and made as hoops and stick shapes that are small and light enough to allow tiny paws to carry them to their favourite spot or hide them away for later. Just as in human nutrition, the natural ethos is popular with pet owners and the treats are made with ingredients sourced from meadows, woodlands and forests, as well as garden vegetables.  Treating is an important part of the bonding experience and a potential photo opportunity but Supreme’s Naturals treats are also high fibre with no added sugar, so they are healthy too.

Pet owners can visit the company Facebook site to share their love of small pets.