Tiny Friends Farm small animal treats


Special Treats for your Tiny Friends!

At the Tiny Friends Farm in Hadleigh, Suffolk, Supreme makes delicious treats for Tiny Friends with big personalities. Made at our bakery in the heart of Suffolk, using locally sourced natural ingredients, our tasty treats are ooh so delicious and make the perfect reward for your tiny friends.





Stickles Apple & Cranberry

Stickles Carrot & Broccoli

Stickles Honey & Seeds

Stickles Oats & Honey

Stickles Timothy Hay & Herbs

Russel Rabbit Fruities with cherry & apricot

Russel Rabbit Munchers with carrot & pea

Russel Rabbit Crunchers with carrot

Gerty Guinea Pig Scrummies with apple, strawberry, apricot and banana

Reggie Rat & Mimi Mouse Chippies

Charlie Chinchilla Cookies with raisin and carrot

Harry Hamster Yippees with apple & sweetcorn

Hazel Lovelies with banana, strawberry and apricot

SnakStiks with Banana & Blueberry

SnakStiks with Carrot & Thyme

SnakStiks with Wild Fruit & Nut

Russel Rabbit Mega Crunchers

Gerri Gerbil Yummies

Frankie Chicken Meaties