Science Recovery (Only available to vets)

Recovery-Sachet-LRRecovery is a complete rehydratable, syringe feeding diet designed for sick or convalescing rabbits.It is suitable for feeding by oral doser only and full instructions are available from your prescribing vet. This food can also be used as a complementary feed for most small herbivores.

Recuperating animals need encouragement to eat. This highly palatable food helps stimulate appetite and is easily digestible. Specially selected ingredients help promote gut activity, stabilise gut bacteria and support the immune system. It also incorporates high levels of fibre, protein and vitamins – essential elements that all contribute to the critical recovery period.

Only available to vets.

Rehydrateable liquid feed for sick and recuperating small herbivores
Suitable for oral doser feeding only
High fibre – 19% minimum
High levels of essential vitamins
Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs*, tortoises, chinchillas, iguanas and other small herbivore

*If supplemented with doses of vitamin C


Alfalfa (30%), oatfeed, wheat, soya, wheatfeed, dried peas, chicory extract rich in fructo-oligosaccharide (2,5%), cellulose, minerals, sugar beet pulp, vitamins, anise and fenugreek (0,1%).