Selective Naturals Grain Free Wins Pet Industry Award

Supreme Selective Naturals Grain Free food for rabbits and guinea pigs has won an Editor’s Choice Award in the Small Animal category – one of its fourth award wins for 2018.

The award was announced on December and since its launch, the Selective Naturals range has exceeded sales forecasts several times over. The brand credentials have also been reinforced by a survey carried out this year by Supreme which found that 93% of rabbit and guinea pig owners believed that there was a benefit to feeding grain-free.

Owners of small pets also said that they considered a healthy food to be first of all nutritionally balanced but also high fibre and natural. When it comes to what makes a food natural, pet owners said it should include hay or grass, wild or foraged plants and have nothing added – being made up of just plain and simple ingredients.

Feedback from almost 700 owners of small pets gave the grain free concept a resounding thumbs up, with 93% saying they believed that there was a benefit to feeding grain-free.

It means that Selective Naturals Grain Free pet foods matches expectations and is in line with what pet owners want.

Marketing manager Claire Hamblion says the findings herald exciting times, “We’ve never seen such strong support for a product proposition and the need that has just not previously been met. We are delighted that this has been recognised with the Editor’s Choice Award.”

The company carried out the online survey and found emphatic support for the natural category, with 97% saying they would like to feed natural food which they perceived to be food that included grass or hay, wild or foraged ingredients and plain, simple ingredients.

Asked what made a food for their pet healthy, rabbit and guinea pig owners ranked nutritionally balanced, high fibre and natural as their top three but almost a quarter also included grain-free.

Asked what cereals they would look for in a food, an overwhelming 71% said they would choose grain-free. They also explained their motivations for their choice – 50% of respondents felt that this would be less likely to cause health problems in their pets and 35% felt the food would be easier to digest. Overall, 93% said that they believed there would be a benefit to feeding grain-free.

Find further information on Selective Naturals Grain Free here.