Science Selective’s fresh new look launches a Superzoo!

For the fourth year running, British small pet food manufacturer, Supreme Petfoods will be exhibiting at Superzoo, but this year there will be a noticeable change to their award-winning Science Selective range on booth #2341.

Supreme’s premium Science Selective range has undergone an exciting rebrand with some old and new faces taking centre stage. The crisp new animal photography on pack is more engaging, enhances the brand’s premium positioning and makes the shopper journey even easier and the buying decision-making process shorter – helping pet retailers to sell more in their stores. The Selective range offers unique, premium nutrition for small pets and is the widest range of extruded foods available – rich in natural ingredients and irresistibly tasty without the need for added sugars.

The Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food pack still features ‘Binky’ – the winner of Supreme’s ‘Britain’s Cutest Bunny’ Facebook competition with tens of thousands of votes. Binky has become a character that rabbit owners know and love whilst personifying Selective’s flagship product, reassuring owners that is it still the same nutritious and delicious product inside the pack.

New additions to the range include ‘Marty’ the chinchilla, the Instagram-famous pet who is now pride of place on the Selective Chinchilla food pack. With 24.6k followers he is bound to bring star quality to the brand as well as increasing demand through his brand endorsements.

Supremes’ booth at Superzoo will also unveil the fresh new look of other Selective products in the range such as Selective Rabbit Junior and Selective Rat. The new showstopping pets on pack are representatives of the breeds and colours that are popular right now and are great examples of healthy and happy pets.

Science Selective food for junior rabbits is highly palatable and provides extra protein to help support growth and development. Fortified with vitamins, it features amino acids and a blend of alfalfa and spinach to provide a great natural source of fibre, as well as antioxidants to help ensure that baby rabbits have the very best start in life. Selective Rabbit Junior is also ideal for pregnant and lactating does. It is uniquely extruded, provides optimum nutrition and is highly palatable with no added sugars. Want to know more? Head to booth #2341 or visit the Superzoo New Product Showcase to see the new look Selective Junior and get up close and personal.

Selective Rat food is also an extremely popular addition to any small pet category. It is a nutritionally complete and balanced diet that helps keep pet rats naturally happy and healthy. Being rich in natural ingredients with no added sugar or artificial colours, this product is extruded and highly palatable – making it impossible for those little furry friends to resist!  Rat’s incisors are highly specialised for gnawing and continuously grow. Each extrusion encourages active chewing to promote healthy teeth, whilst supporting digestive health and wellbeing. With the inclusion of linseed, Selective Rat also helps maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The Selective range is more popular than ever as small pet owners have an increased appetite to learn about nutrition and want to feed premium, natural products to their pets. Not only does the Selective rebrand draw the eye with its new design, it also communicates the quality and health credentials of the range, especially with the veterinary recommendation now being enhanced on the front of pack.

The great news is that whilst the branding has been premiumized, the premium product inside remains unchanged, with each pack containing the same premium quality, highly palatable, award-wining formulations that are rich in natural ingredients with no added sugars. To find out more, visit Superzoo booth #2341, or email