Molly Varga’s Webinar – Feed your Rabbit Happy

Join our exclusive webinar led by specialist exotics vet Molly Varga as we delve into essential topics on understanding rabbit nutrition.

In this webinar Molly explores the vital link between diet and overall health, insights into the microbiome, adapting diets to changing lifestyles, using food as a form of medicine, and promoting exercise and enrichment for rabbits. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain expert insights and practical advice on ensuring rabbit well-being through optimal nutrition.

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Molly Varga

Did you enjoy Molly Varga’s webinar on rabbit nutrition? We want to hear from you! Share your questions because Supreme will be streaming an exclusive Q&A session with Molly to follow up from this virtual presentation. Don’t miss this chance to get personalized insights directly from the experts – we look forward to hearing from you!