New concept Fibafirst gets rave reviews

Since its launch last autumn, our new concept in small furry food – Fibafirst – has already been receiving rave reviews. In addition to the excellent feedback we’ve from many of the popular rabbit and guinea pig forums, we have been inundated with positive feedback from many of our customers about this new Monoforage food.

Laura Phelps from Nottingham emailed us to say:

“I want to thank Supreme Petfoods, as one of my bunnies Yuki has E.coniculi and dental problems. Fibafirst has greatly improved her overall health, helped her keep weight on, helped greatly with her dental issues and encouraged her to eat more hay. I am so thankful that this product exists. Thank you”

Laura was so happy with the results she sent us this rather cute picture of Yuki…

Yuki lives with bunfriend Yuri…

In addition to the great feedback from Laura, Kate Harrison from Carnforth in Lancashire contacted us to say:

“Both my rabbits and guinea pigs like it. They definitely eat it in a different way to their usual pellets. It takes them a while to munch each stick and you can hear the work their teeth are doing to get through it, so I am really impressed!”

And here is a lovely picture of Kate’s buns…

Fibafirst ‘kibbles’ are much larger than traditional-style pellets and they are very light-weight. This means that you feed a bigger portion compared to traditional pellets.

That’s the fantastic benefit of feeding Fibafirst – pets get a bigger portion, with the same nutritional intake as a small handful of pellets, so they enjoy a longer time feeding, which leads to more tooth on tooth action and improved dental wear. The longer fibre particles in Fibafirst also contribute to this dental wear, as well being incredibly beneficial to good digestive health.

In addition, pets are more likely to graze on Fibafirst in way that is much closer to nature.