London Championship Show Membership

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The cost continues to be £5 for adults.

In the case of a stud or partnership – regardless of whether there are more than 2 in it the cost will be £10 and you will receive 2 badges.

If there are more than 2 in the stud/partnership and the extra people require a badge, they can be purchased at £1 each.

The badges are dated and a different colour to previous years so it does make them collectable, if anyone wants to purchase (£1) a previous years badge then please contact the general secretary whilst there are some left.

In the case of a JUNIOR EXHIBITOR (not the child of a fancier who is an exhibitor) their membership will be FREE and they will be eligible for the same benefits.

One slight change from 2012, for 2013 each winner of the breed member’s class will receive a ‘Quick Pick Health Lottery ticket’ for the draw taking place on Wednesday 16 October, this is instead of the Camelot National Lottery.  If the winner should be junior (i.e. under 16 years of age), their ticket will be given to his/her parent/guardian. For those who are not aware of this lottery there are thousands of outlets that sell the tickets and information leaflets are available where you see the Health Lottery heart shaped symbol. With this lottery you have 5 number from 1 – 50. The draw is televised live on a Wednesday and Saturday on Channel 5 and results are either on line or published in the Daily Star or Express. If you are lucky enough to match 3 numbers you win £20, 4 numbers £250 and 5 numbers £100,000. As the name suggests, a percentage of sales of these tickets goes to health charities in different parts of the country.


Prize money of £50 (1st) £30 (2nd) £20 (3rd) £10 (4th) will be won by the final four member’s exhibits judged on Sunday afternoon on stage by Fred Clipsham.

These two benefits are in addition to:

All managers have a receipt book and a supply of badges with them at the shows, so if you want to join and get your badge during the summer you can do so – (see entry form for managers’ details).