As we reach the end of this unusual year, we’ll all be ready to say goodbye to 2020 and start looking ahead to 2021. And what better way to plan your new year than with a cute bunny calendar? At Supreme we’re proud to be sponsoring the UK Instagram @theschubunns Bunnies 2021 Calendar, a celebration of the most photogenic bunnies that have won their hearts this year!

All proceeds go to three rabbit rescue charities: Fat Fluffs, The Rabbit Residence and Rabbit Rescue North West. Read on to find out more about their amazing work and discover how you can help rabbit rescues across the country.

Bunny Calendar

Fat Fluffs

Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue is based in the little West Midlands village of Hampton in Arden. The charity was founded in 2008 by Chloe Hennegan, an aircraft engineer who made it her mission to help rabbits in need. Since then, Fat Fluffs has grown into a team of bunny-mad friends with a passion for helping rabbits to find love and safety.

The rescue centre gives their residents a safe place to recuperate before finding them new homes where they’ll be cared for and loved for the rest of their days. Some rabbits with health problems or more challenging personalities aren’t able to find homes, and so the centre offers them permanent sanctuary to live as part of the Fat Fluffs family.

Fat Fluffs is a registered charity and it relies heavily on donations and volunteers to help the rabbits in its care. It’s thanks to the kindness of many supporters that this charity can keep doing its valuable work.

fat Fluffs Charity

The Rabbit Residence

The Rabbit Residence Rescue is a registered charity based near Royston in Hertfordshire. The centre is based on a plot of land covering a third of an acre, so their bunnies get a lot of space to run and play!

The charity remembers the story of Bounty, a gentle and sweet bunny who spent over 3000 days with them before she died. Though she was a lovely little character, Bounty was never picked because she wasn’t confident with people she didn’t know and there were always cuter bunnies to choose. In memory of Bounty, The Rabbit Residence works hard to encourage people looking for rabbits to adopt rather than shop.

As well as rescuing bunnies for rehoming, The Rabbit Residence also offers holiday boarding for rabbits and guinea pigs. There are lots of different accommodation options available, including special needs units suitable for rabbits with poor mobility. The team is committed to helping bunnies receive the best care and they’re willing to give out free advice on rabbit husbandry and diet. Again, the charity depends on donations to support its worthwhile efforts.

Rabbit Residence Rescue

Rabbit Rescue North West

Rabbit Rescue North West was founded in 2014 by three bunny enthusiasts who had all worked alongside the RSPCA and could see that there was a real need for a rabbit rescue centre in their area. The centre is based in Bramhall, near Stockport.

The charity rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes rabbits in Cheshire, Manchester, Derbyshire and Lancashire, and has been known to work with rabbits even further afield! Its mission is to help bunnies find caring and loving forever homes, but it also has several resident bunnies that aren’t able to find a home. The charity shares the stories of these adorable little characters so that people can sponsor them to receive the care and veterinary help they’ll need throughout their lives

Rabbit Rescue North West is a small and busy charity and it depends on the goodwill of bunny-lovers everywhere. There are many ways people can help out rescue centres, and we’ve listed a few below.

Rabbit Rescue North West

How you can help rabbit rescue centres

If you’d like to support these three amazing charities, what better way than to buy the UK Instagram @theschubunns Bunnies 2021 Calendar? Every penny from calendar sales goes to the rabbit rescues, and you can choose how much you donate from £7 to £20. Besides the calendar, though, there are lots of other ways you can help out rabbit rescue centres across the country.

Obviously, a major way to contribute is to donate money, as the cost of housing, food and vet bills for needy rabbits does add up. Many rabbit rescues have set up their websites so it’s easy to donate online, or perhaps to buy some essential bunny supplies from an Amazon wish-list!

There are plenty of other ways to help out as well as donating money. You could get in touch with your local centre to see if they’re in need of anything you can drop off for them – many rescue centres will be glad to take in old towels or cardboard boxes, as well as rabbit food and items such as food bowls, water bottles or carriers. If you’ve got the time to spare and you’d like to help in person, you could also fundraise or volunteer.

Another way to help is to try to reduce the number of rabbits that have to be rehomed in the first place. Some people would love to keep caring for their bunnies, but have to give them up because of financial difficulties. To help cut down on these heartbreaking partings, you can donate to your local food bank or pet food bank to help struggling owners keep caring for their much-loved companions.