Guinea pig greetings from Switzerland

Here at Supreme HQ, we love receiving feedback from our happy customers and their favourite furry friends! So we were really pleased to receive an email from one of our customers in Switzerland, with a fantastic photo of her one of her furry friends and a great recommendation for our Selective Guinea Pig food.

Guinea Pig owner, Isabelle Harford said:

“I have a nice little heap of guinea pigs, eight of them, and I have been feeding them Selective Guinea Pig for years now. They love it! I tried other food for variation, but their enthusiasm is obvious with Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig. Thank you again for providing something to make my little animal friends happy :o)”

Selective Guinea is high is fibre to help promote healthy teeth and tummies and has added vitamin C to help keep guinea pigs in the very best of health. Selective also contains linseed, a particularly good source of omega 3, which helps to regulate coat shine, thickness and colour intensity, as well as supporting a healthy skin.

But it is what we don’t put in to Selective that is important too…

Have you checked the label on your guinea pig’s food lately? Take a look, because some foods contain molasses or syrup or other sugary ingredients. This extra sugar in your pet’s diet can lead to overeating and obesity. It can also lead to dental problems too.

So a big thank you to Isabelle for the recommendation, it seems the enthusiasm for our Selective products is growing far and wide!