Fantastic Feedback for Reggie Rat

Rats tend to get less favourable press that their pet rabbit and guinea pig counterparts, but they make fantastic pets. And we were delighted to hear from dedicated rat owner Becca Baker with some fantastic feedback about our Reggie Rat food and her nine pet rats.

Becca said “FINALLY!! Just wanted to say thank you for making a mix that ALL of my (nine) ratties love.

They were very selective with other foods, and would frequently leave the same pieces … seemed like I was discarding half of the food! (Though the birds outside loved it of course).

Now I finally have a food mix which they eat every piece of … all that’s ever left is the husks from the wheat grains. Please don’t ever stop producing this mix!”

Becca’s message goes to show that not all muesli mixes cause selective feeding. If fed correctly, muesli can still provide a nutritionally complete diet – so long as your pets are eating everthing in the mix (and are being provided with unlimited fresh hay if they are herbivorous, i.e. a rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or degu).

You should always make sure that your pet eats everything in the bowl before feeding them any more food. Supreme only selects the very finest ingredients to make our foods highly palatable without having to use hidden sugars such as molasses or fruit, which can lead to selective feeding, overeating and obesity.

If you are concerned that your pet is selectively feeding and not eating everything in the muesli mix, Supreme’s veterinary recommended Selective range provides the ideal alternative. Selective has all the nutrition your small pets need in a tasty, all-in-one kibble. Like all our pet foods, Selective contains no hidden sugars and also has a fixed formula recipe, which means that you can be sure your pet is getting the same high quality nutrition from every pack.

So a massive shout out to Becca – thanks for your fantastic feedback! And if you have something you would like us to feature on our website, please get in touch.