Legend of The Easter Bunny

Legend of the Easter Bunny

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate Easter with rabbits and eggs, particularly of the chocolate variety?

Let’s start with the big one – Mr Easter Bunny himself

Legend has it that the Easter bunny originates in Germany, with the first mentions dating back to 1682. When Georg Franck von Franckenau, a German professor, wrote a book titled “On Easter Eggs”, in which he states:

“In Alsace and the neighbouring regions those eggs are called rabbit-eggs because of the myth that is told to make the simple-minded and children believe that the Easter Rabbit was laying and hiding them in the grass of the gardens, so the children search them even more eagerly, for the delectation of the smiling adults.”22. B&W rabbit2

The legend travelled with German immigrants to America who settled in Pennsylvania. Where the “simple-minded” were once again lead to believe the tale and people began celebrating this custom with their new neighbours.

Since then, additions have been made to the legend. For example the children originally made nests for the eggs, but now we use ornately designed baskets.

What about the eggs?

Easter is about new life and the resurrection of Christ, therefore eggs have always remained a strong symbol of Easter, as they bring new life into the world. Christians historically have also used the cracking of an egg as a symbol of Jesus’ empty tomb.

Furthermore, eggs are forbidden as part of lent. But those inconsiderate chickens do not follow this tradition and continue to lay them. So we had to think on our feet as to not waste these delicious things. Therefore we decorated them as gifts, for use in Easter egg hunts and various other games. Something which we continue to this day, the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn is a great example.

Thankfully for chocolate lovers, these traditions have evolved into something wonderful. Chocolate eggs! And clearly they are very popular, as last year British consumers were predicted to spend £186m on them

But what does all this have to do with Supreme Petfoods?

Here’s the answer, Easter is a wonderful time. We have bank holidays, see our families, eat all the chocolate we can and offer gifts to loved ones. But unfortunately, sometimes these gifts are innocent little rabbits who become forgotten over time, because ultimately the can be seen only as presents.

This must be avoided, too many rabbits and other small animals are neglected or simply unwanted. According the Rabbit Welfare Association, around 67,000 rabbits are given to UK rescue centres every year. A high number which does not include online classified sites or private rehoming.

We have all heard people say “A dog isn’t just for Christmas”, and the same should apply to rabbits as they are not just for Easter