Christmas Eve on Tiny Friends Farm

It was Christmas Eve on Tiny Friends Farm and whilst all the adults and children were tucked up in their beds awaiting Father Christmas, the Tiny Friends Farm gang were gathering for something very special!

The barn was full with hustle and bustle with Charlie Chinchilla trying to organise everyone for their Christmas day surprise. Russel Rabbit and Baby Bunni were amongst the decorations arguing about how important eating their caecotrophs is to keep their tummies happy and healthy. Baby Bunni could not believe that rabbits should behave in such a manner but Russel’s words of wisdom convinced her that it was for her own good and their hoomins would worry if she did not eat them all up.

“You will surely love the taste!” said Russel.

Gerty Guinea Pig was making sure she looked ever so beautiful; adjusting her fascinator into a perfect position whilst she elegantly powdered her nose. She wanted to be the most beautiful guinea pig that had ever been seen. So, for her big Christmas close up she had made sure she had not skipped any vitamin C in her diet to ensure health and vitality for a faultless vocal performance.

Time was ticking and Charlie Chinchilla was getting very conscious that they needed to get on with their production before the hoomins awoke on Christmas day. Charlie knew he wanted to be the star of the show and had therefore not scrimped on the linseed in his diet to give his skin and coat a fantastic sparkle as well as keeping it in tip-top health.

To calm their nerves, Russel, Baby, Gerty and Charlie had popped for a quick bite to eat. Hay glorious hay was exactly what was needed to keep the nervous butterflies at bay. Hay is always available ad lib for these little herbivores so they never go hungry, can calm their nerves before a big performance and to aid healthy gut function. Once Russel had filled his belly on hay he decided that it was time to get festive. He customised his usual red bowtie with a few little snowflakes to really get into the Christmas spirit.

The barn door swung open, blowing a gale and bringing in a large sheet of snow. Out of the darkness strolled Harry Hamster, Gerri Gerbil, Reggie Rat and Mimi Mouse. Shaking the snow off his cap Reggie apologised to his fellow Tiny Friends for their lateness. Their tardiness had occurred by the misplacement of Gerri’s pink bag. Charlie rolled his eyes and huffed whilst ushering the late comers towards the stage.

Harry Hamster was full of such excitement that he threw his green umbrella to one side and proudly donned his new elf hat, no one loved Christmas more than Harry. To make sure he was looking his absolute best Harry had left his twice weekly sand bathing to the last minute to make sure he definitely caught Hazel Hamster’s attention. This has been a battle of Harry’s for quite some time now, he loved Hazel but she never seemed to notice him and this was his chance!

Whilst Harry was admiring his freshly bathed coat Charlie Chinchilla and Russel Rabbit where having a debate about whose teeth were more beautifully worn. Their high fibre diets which included lots of hay meant that their teeth are kept in the very best of shape, especially as Russel’s teeth can grow up to 6 inches a year! Charlie and Russel are the very best of pals but they also thrived on some healthy rivalry and comparing their beautiful teeth was always a favourite past time for the pair. Charlie flinched and realised that his eyes had been taken off the real prize and he did not have time for this right now.

“To be continued dear Russel!” exclaimed Charlie as he dashed to hang the last few baubles on his glorious looking set.

With all this chaos Reggie Rat had slipped off for a bite to eat. His Tasty Mix was packed full of protein (14%) which would provide him with bundles of energy throughout his performance. Reggie certainly did not want to be outshone by any of his Tiny Farm Friends. Reggie was very much the advocate of how incredible rats can be as pets along with his Tiny Farm Friends furry buddies.

Amongst all the hullabaloo, Russel Rabbit had found himself day dreaming about his favourite Tiny Friends Farm treats. How could he possibly choose between the Fruities, Munchers, SnakSticks and Stickles? His belly rumbled as all the tasty treats danced through his mind but he could not deny that there was one that he just could not possibly live without. His hoomin had gotten him so well trained that if they just gave the box a little shake Russel would be there like a shot. Russel Rabbit’s Carrot Crunchers would always be where his loyalty truly lies. But what about those new Selective Naturals treats? They had certainly become more and more enticing to him, with their scrummy natural ingredients, high levels of fibre and linseed to make his coat gleam.

Things were now starting to come together. Charlie was starting to relax now that the stage was set and it was just a matter of making sure everyone was in their correct position. The backing track was ready and all he needed to do was to get his pals on stage. He had found Reggie and Mimi and ushered them over to the stage, he had shouted into the powder room to hurry Gerty and was trying to get Russel and Baby’s attention but they were in a very deep discussion. Baby was getting confused about how much hay she should be eating every day. Russel reassured her that she should be eating at least a bundle of hay the same size as her body. Once Baby had got her head round the hay fiasco she took a big sigh and followed Russel and Charlie onto the stage.

Once in place Baby Bunni had decided that the bright lights were all a bit too much for her. Being so young Charlie and the other friends were very understanding and gave her the very important task of playing the backing track at exactly the right time. Charlie managed to get everyone on their mark on the stage and was beaming with pride. The very special Tiny Friends Farm performance was very much about to happen after all their hours of rehearsals and hard work. With a deep breath Charlie shouted lights, camera, action and the Tiny Friends Farm Christmas performance was finally in full swing!