7 Things You Really Need to Know about Rabbit Poo!

Did you know that rabbits often pretend they are healthy – even when they are not? Luckily, there’s one sign that they really can’t hide. Can you guess what it is? Yup – it’s their poo. Get to know all about your rabbit’s poo and how you really can...

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Hay, hay and more hay!

So, Rabbit Awareness Week is over and we all understand that fresh hay and grass are the most important part of a rabbit’s diet but boy, there’s a lot of different types of hay to choose from! Knowing which hay is best for bun and how much they need...

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Which hamsters can live together?

As you may know we have had a bit of romantic Valentine’s fun with two of our Tiny Friends Farm characters, Hazel and Harry the Syrian hamsters. However, it has always been a popular question as to which breed of hamsters can live together and which pet hamsters are...

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Valentine’s on Tiny Friends Farm

As you may remember Harry Hamster has been trying to catch Hazel Hamster’s eye for some time now.  We are pleased to say that those two sand baths before the Christmas Eve performance really showed Hazel how much Harry sparkled! Since Christmas Eve Harry and Hazel’s love has really...

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Christmas Eve on Tiny Friends Farm

It was Christmas Eve on Tiny Friends Farm and whilst all the adults and children were tucked up in their beds awaiting Father Christmas, the Tiny Friends Farm gang were gathering for something very special! The barn was full with hustle and bustle with Charlie Chinchilla trying to organise...

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The Difference Between Alfalfa and Timothy Hay

The difference between Alfalfa and Timothy hay is one that often confuses many rabbit and guinea pig owners, especially first-timers! For all small herbivores – that’s rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus – hay should make up around 80% of the diet. That means these pets should eat a portion of...

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Where Are Tiny Friends Farm Treats Made?

When pampering your small pets with a scrumptious Tiny Friends Farm treat, do you ever wonder what went into making them? You may or may not know this, but Supreme’s Tiny Friends Farm treats and are created in Suffolk, England! Surrounded by farms, small town charm and local wildlife, Suffolk is the perfect...

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