Whether your dog is on a diet, they need to avoid fatty foods due to health issues or you’re just looking for some healthy dog snacks, we’ve got some suggestions. The good news is, there are still some great options for tasty low fat dog treats. Read on for our top tips and recommendations.

What are the best low-fat dog treats?

There are a range of low-fat options available, and you’ll need to work out what your dog likes best – while some dogs love a green bean, others will always prefer a biscuit.

You’ll also need to find out what works for you. Chicken and veggies may be fine at home but less convenient than something like our Tiny Friends Farm Dolly Dog Crunchy Biscuits when you’re out and about.

Fresh chicken and white fish – Fresh, lean cuts of chicken or white fish are low in fat and high in protein, making them a great healthy dog snack. Keep in mind that they should only be fed as a small part of a balanced diet, however, as lean meat doesn’t provide all the nutrients your pet needs.

Vegetables – Fresh veggies are another option for healthy dog snacks. Vegetables ranging from courgette and broccoli to carrot sticks and green beans are low-fat options that can satisfy some dogs’ crunchy cravings.
It’s important to stick to small amounts to avoid an upset stomach and make sure you feed bite-size pieces to avoid any choking risk – some vegetables like corn on the cob aren’t suitable due to this.

Fruit – If your dog enjoys getting their five a day, you might also include some fruit in their diet. Blueberries, bananas, strawberries or a slice of apple can all be healthy dog snacks in moderation. Remember that some fruit can be quite sugary, so it’s best not to overfeed fruit as treats throughout the day.

Low-fat dog treats – While lean protein, fruit and veg can all be healthy additions to your dog’s diet, they’re not every pet’s cup of tea. Whether your dog prefers a tempting baked treat or you’d rather your pockets weren’t lined with mushy leftovers, the good news is that low-fat treats for dogs are not only delicious but also a great option to incorporate into your dog’s healthy diet.
Our Tiny Friends Farm Danny Dog Doggy Donuts and Yummy Sticks and Tiny Friends Farm Dolly Dog Tasty Bones and Crunchy Cookies feature an irresistible combination of natural ingredients including chicken, peanut butter and great-tasting garden vegetables. These low-fat treats are oven-baked for maximum flavour, with crunchy and chewy versions to suit every dog’s palate.

With no artificial colours or flavours and essential nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin E to boost their immune system and promote healthy skin and coat, check out our range of low-fat dog treats today.

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What counts as a low-fat dog treat – and are they better for my dog?

Treats containing less than 10% fat are termed low-fat. Low-fat treats are essential for dogs with health issues like pancreatitis, as higher-fat products can contribute to stomach upsets. They’re also often lower in calories, which is perfect for dogs that struggle with weight gain or are currently dieting.

Will low-fat dog treats help my dog lose weight?

Low fat treats for dogs can certainly be helpful as part of a weight loss programme, but it’s important to remember that any treats need to be factored into their total daily food intake. Even low-fat treats contain calories, so portion control is key – but they can certainly be a better option than higher-fat alternatives.

Will my dog enjoy low-fat dog treats?

Low-fat options can be just as tasty as higher fat alternatives, so you can still find the perfect treat for your dog. Looking to motivate your dog to learn some basic tricks or start some training? Our range of Dolly Dog and Danny Dog treats are the perfect choice for some treat-based bonding.