A fancy mouse is a domesticated form of the wild house mouse. The type of mouse you can buy from a pet shop will come from a long line of domesticated mice and will more easily adapt to life alongside human companions.

Fancy mice are available in many different colours with some slight difference in sizes (including the white mice that many people more closely associate with mice used for research). Different coat types include curly, long haired or the more common short haired.

It’s best not to buy one mouse as they really do need the companionship of other mice. However, introducing new mice to a stable group of mice isn’t easy and it’s best to buy as a group and then keep that group together through life, as long as they get along.

Can you keep a house mouse or a field mouse?

If you find a lone wild mouse and want to keep it, then do think twice about whether it’s the right thing to do. Wild mice can carry disease and are unlikely to be easy to domesticate if captured when adult. Mostly they will be extremely fearful and stressed by the presence of people. Keep in mind too that mice don’t like to live alone.

Male mouse or female mouse?

  • There are pros and cons to both male and female mice.
  • Male mice generally have a stronger odour than female mice.
  • Female mice may be more active and show more nesting behaviour.
  • Some people feel that male mice are friendlier towards people as female mice have strong relationships with each other.
  • Female mice may be easier to keep in harmonious groups.

Mice are wonderfully entertaining and make ideal pets for working people as they wake up at night ready to play. They also love routine and will soon learn to greet you and ask for a treat.

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