Are you thinking of adding a small four-legged friend to your family? Welcoming the pitter patter of tiny paws into your home is an exciting time but it’s a decision that needs careful consideration. Rabbits are an increasingly popular choice, with an estimated pet population of 1.5 million in the UK alone!1 And it’s easy to see why. If rabbits are on your radar, read on for our top ten reasons why they make fantastic family pets.


1. Rabbits are full of character
Rabbits are fun, friendly and affectionate. Whether it’s binkies in the spring sunshine, zoomies at treat time or a nose-twitching hello when you come home, our bunny friends all have unique personalities. Rabbit toys can help to keep your new pal occupied and prevent boredom, just make sure they are bunny safe.

2. Rabbits form strong bonds with their owners
With gentle handling and patience, rabbits will form strong bonds with their human companions. Hand-feeding some tasty rabbit treats is a wonderful way to show a rabbit that you aren’t a threat. Over time, their affectionate nature will come to the fore, and they will seek out their human friends for strokes, fuss and a tasty morsel or two.

Rabbit eating

3. Rabbits are sociable
Of course, human companionship is not enough. Rabbits are social creatures and love the company of a bonded bunny friend. Watching the interactions between a bonded pair can be heartwarming. Keeping a pair of rabbits also means that they can be left alone while you’re out at work.


4. Rabbits are Intelligent and easily trainable
Training isn’t just for dogs. Rabbits are surprisingly easy to train, especially when there are some delicious rabbit treats on offer. Positive reinforcement (rewarding desirable behaviour) is the most effective way of training any pet, large or small. Stock up with your bun’s favourite flavour and you’re ready to go. How about Tiny Friends Farm Russel Rabbit Twiggies with apple and blackberry, or Selective Naturals Orchard Loops with Timothy hay and apple for starters? You could even try a bunny taste test to see which your pet pal prefers!

5. Rabbits have longer lifespans than other small pets
These days, rabbits typically live for as long as eight to twelve years. That’s a significantly longer lifespan than many other small pets. This lifespan is testament to advances in veterinary care alongside expert knowledge around the best rabbit diets and the importance of nutrition in supporting rabbit health and wellbeing.


6. Rabbits can live indoors or outdoors
Rabbits are adaptable. They can live outdoors in a cosy rabbit hutch and secure run, or they can live indoors as part of the family. The popularity of house rabbits us growing and more and more rabbits have an indoor lifestyle. Either way the whole family can get involved with setting up the perfect bunny space, whether that’s an indoor rabbit cage and rabbit-proofed room, or an outdoor rabbit hutch and run.

Rabbit Home Ronnietheminilop

Image credit @ronnietheminilop

7. Rabbits are clean
Rabbits are hygienic and don’t make a lot of mess. And they are also easy to litter train. Rabbits tend to poo while they are eating, so place their litter tray next to their hay rack and you’ll be halfway there. Although they are usually meticulous groomers, check bunny bottoms twice a day (and more frequently in warm weather) to make sure they are spick and span and reduce the risk of fly strike. It’s also important to clean the rabbit hutch or indoor rabbit cage regularly with a pet-safe cleaning spray such as Tiny Friends Farm Keep it Clean.

8. Rabbits are quiet and crepuscular
Being quiet, rabbits won’t disturb the neighbours or disrupt your Zoom call. They are also crepuscular, meaning that they are most active early in the morning and at dusk, fitting in with our human schedules (more or less).


9. Rabbits are herbivores
If you are concerned about sustainability or keen to avoid handling meat-based products, rabbits are an ideal choice. Their herbivorous rabbit diet should consist of an unlimited quantity of good quality hay like Science Selective Timothy Hay and a carefully measured portion of high fibre, no added sugar nuggets such as Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food, together with a handful of leafy greens.

Rabbits eating Selective FFL

10. Why not rescue a rabbit?
Last but by no means least, there are many rabbits in need of their forever home. So, if you think that rabbits are the right pets for you, why not consider adopting from a rabbit rescue organisation.
Rabbits make fantastic family pets and our list is just the start. But remember that they are not the low maintenance pet that they were once thought to be. Why not read our blog The 5 essential supplies for setting up the perfect rabbit home next.

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