We all have a guilty pleasure for cute pet videos and photos. We have been watching cat videos forever, and while we will probably never move past them (they’re just SO cute jumping in boxes), we may be willing to add an Internet obsession to a similar animal…rabbits!

Fun fact: Did you know that rabbits are extremely cute pets? We do, and so do some top Instagrammers! If you’re looking to add some more cute content to your Insta-feed, you may want to look at these cute pet bun-buns.

1. Djbunnypuff

Djbunnypuff is not only an Instagram full of rabbits, but it’s an Instagram full of baby rabbits. According to the bio, they are “not bunnies or lops…[they’re] puffs!” These baby rabbits are sure to delight anyone as they are recorded performing binkies outdoors and piling up for a nap on the couch. We honestly can’t get enough of these cute pet puffs!

2. Exempelthebunny

Exempel is a 4-year old male mini-lop with a grey patch on his nose and the sweetest bunny eyes we’ve ever seen. For dreams of sunny days in grassy green Swedish fields with an adorable white rabbit, follow this bun bun and you’ll be halfway there. He is a lovable, dress-up-able, adorable rabbit who deserves all 114k followers he currently has. See you on the Insta-feed, Exempel!

3. Bunnymelv

We clearly can’t get enough of baby rabbits. Melvin is a 4 month old mini lop/lionhead who does not have enough followers for how cute of a pet he is. You are guaranteed to squeal in delight every time you see Mr. Melvin pop up on your Instagram feed. With his ashy-grey fur and extra-long wisps of hair atop his head, he’s certainly one of the cutest rabbits we’ve ever seen (and we’ve seen a lot).

4. Colinthebunny

Colin is another mini lop (what can we say, we’re obsessed with the lops!) with a very cute innocent-looking face. How innocent he really is, well who knows, but he sure knows how to take a good photograph! According to his owner, Colin’s favorite activity is cuddling his toy duck named Webster. Colin is definitely qualifies as a very cute pet rabbit!

5. Reubentherex

Don’t think we are discriminating toward rex’s, because we certainly love them as well. Rueben the rex is certainly a great spokesperson for how lovely they are! On this Instagram account, Reuben can be found wearing a bowtie (just like Russel Rabbit!) or flower crown and posing like a very nice rabbit model! He’s a very handsome rex rabbit who lives in Melbourne, Australia and will certainly put a smile on any follower’s face!

Do you have a cute pet rabbit or other small animal? Find us on Instagram and Facebook and send them to us – we love seeing furry faces!