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There’s something special on offer for independent pet retailers…

Something that will help you more effectively engage with pet owners from your first contact and keep them engaged. Something that will drive new customers to your door. And something that will improve your cash margins.

The Happy Hoppers Club!

Is a FREE, engaging and fun consumer mechanic but is also the powerhouse behind a very strategic retailer programme that builds relationships and loyalty.

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Sometimes pet owners seek detailed advice on the care of their pet from you, but make more transactional purchases elsewhere. It’s fine to be nice and helpful but it means your time and expertise is generating profit for someone else – and that’s not a viable business model long term.

HH-POS1-1024x654Sign up to the Happy Hoppers Club and we will drive informed owners directly back to your store on a regular basis:

• to redeem bespoke vouchers

• to ask about new products

• to find out more about specific topics, such as products and ideas that might help them to care for their pets, banish the boredom or maybe even find a friend

• to make pet ownership even more fun

We’ll help you grow the category by increasing awareness and incentivize purchase of additional products such as treats and bedding. Over time, the Happy Hoppers Club will strengthen your customer relationships, enabling you to cultivate a healthier, more profitable business.

In addition, we will provide you with all the attention grabbing Happy Hoppers point of sale material you need to help you promote the club to your customers.

And remember, for every customer you sign up to Happy Hoppers, we will direct them straight back to your store with bespoke vouchers and special offers that will only be redeemable at your store!!!

Call Supreme on 0845 0589697 and sign up to be a Happy Hopper retailer today!

Retailer Webinars

If you are a pet retailer, or are working in a pet store and would like to learn more about small furries, why not join our free educational webinars?!

A recording of our webinar, entitled ‘Rabbit and Guinea Pig Wellness Programmes’ is now available. It gives you special tools to help you understand more about these small furries and building relationships with their owners.

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What’s Better for Bunnies is Better for Business!

Most of us are becoming increasingly aware that rabbits in the UK are not always getting the care they need. With this in mind, it’s important that both manufacturers and retailers help support the consumer and educate them in the best way to keep their small animal happy and healthy. A well cared for pet tends to live longer, and this will translate into loyal, long term custom – so, a sound financial reason for promoting the wellbeing of small animals. How does “Better for Bunnies’ translate to ‘Better for Business’?

  • Rabbits should be kept in pairs = Double food and hay sales
  • Rabbits need unlimited access to hay = Maximise hay sales
  • Rabbits should be kept in a large hutch = Increased bedding sales
  • Rabbits need a large run = Add-on sales, including toys
  • Rabbits should be vaccinated, neutered and fed the right diet = Pet lives longer / customer for longer
  • Rabbits should not be an impulse purchase = educated customers are premium purchasers
  • Educate customers with the right message = Improve your retailing reputation

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