Supreme Petfoods: Experts in small pets.

Small pets deserve the very best. Want to know what to feed your rabbit, guinea pig or hamster, or how to look after your pet to keep them happy and healthy? Ask the experts at Supreme.

Supreme has an expert approach to food, snacks, bedding and accessories for small pets:

  • We make the highest fibre nuggets for rabbits
  • We make great tasting recipes that pets love – without adding unhealthy ingredients like syrups, sugars or molasses
  • We provide of nutritionally balanced foods and clear guidelines on how to feed
  • We have invented unique products such as Fibafirst to provide long fibre – the healthiest way to feed pet rabbits and guinea pigs
  • We make a range of expert veterinary diets for small pets with diet responsive conditions

An expert knowledge of the nutritional requirements of a whole range of small pets has allowed Supreme to develop the widest range of veterinary recommended species-specific foods with our Selective brand.


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